Karate Wise textbook


“Karate Wise – a technical guide to teaching self defense” is a reference manual that is simple and wise. Studying Karate Wise will empower you to teach others how to defend themselves practically and effectively. 80% of the students participating have a special need, including autism. Learn basic karate techniques in full color and greatly detailed descriptions and in turn, learn instructional information including students’ obstacles, patterns of behavior, and secrets to teaching traditional karate. Learning tips, teaching tips, and Karate Wise Tips help you along the way. Karate Wise allows you to “create your own” Karate Wise classes for others and to help others learn basic and essential self-defense information. Sensei Green’s exclusive experience of making U.S. Karate (USANKF) history fifteen times with those with disabilities elevates Green as one of the foremost experts in the world of teaching those with special needs. Furthermore, Green taught the first person on the U.S. Karate Team with Autism and his student competes at the International (PKF) and World Karate Federation (WKF) levels currently in the Para divisions representing the United States. Green believes that if people with special needs can learn martial arts then anyone can! All it takes is the correct information delivered in a easy-to-understand format that is duplicatable. Karate Wise delivers like no other previous reference manual in existence.