Finding Karate book

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Finding Karate is about a boy who stumbles upon a great opportunity without realizing the true meaning of the opportunity until he is faced with day to day issues. The story is centered around a boy who has a name that has unfortunate rhyming possibilities. He is unlucky and attracts negative attention from being extremely shy and has a social inability to handle the classroom settings well. His social awkwardness and clumsiness make him a target for bullies. Finding Karate is a generational book that will educate the reader and teach them about values, manners, respect, self-discipline, honor, loyalty, friendship, and the true meaning of Karate. The reader will be enthralled from page to page while learning about everyday situations that many of our child face to day that sometimes can be embarrassing and that kids can relate to. You’ll find that Finding Karate is available for everyone from ages 8-12. Anyone can learn about several easily confused martial arts styles. This book sets the record straight while adding a few twists here and there. Afterwards you’ll be going to the web to learn more about what you have read. Finding Karate is a story that will melt your heart and open your mind at the same time.