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Now available! Sensei Green's book

"Finding Karate"


Finding Karate book



Available everywhere e-books are sold.  Only $4.99.


LOOKING AROUND for a martial arts school? - "Check out our price list" and "price comparisons" on our "about us" page! ATTENTION: Our Beginner Class is almost completely full (Max 16 students) for all days! We will be adding 3 extra classes per week to our schedule soon! We will add Mondays at 6:10, Thursdays at 6:10 and Saturdays at 10:30 soon! We have currently over 60 beginner students with over 20 more about to start in June that we know of. After these classes are full, that's it, waiting list enacted. This is busiest we have ever been going into the summer. If we are this busy now, good luck getting in in the fall! We recently came off of a waiting list for our Little Dragons class. We have only a few slots available. Call and/or email us to be put on the waiting list for a future date! Call or email and reserve your space today!

Green's Karate:

May Special! Great for self-defense!

You receive 6 weeks of karate lessons (unlimited classes) and a uniform for only $99.99 ($190.00 value)! (2nd person $89.99, 3rd person only...$79.99) Cannot be combined with "any" other offer including coupons. Offer good for beginner, adult or little dragons (3+) classes only. Offer expires 5/30/16. Call 423-432-5280 or email us at to reserve your space today.

Additional persons

Sensei Green has an upcoming reference manual titled "Karate Wise" and is written by Sensei Green. Karate Wise has over 1,000 pictures, more than 350 pages and over 50,000 words. Karate Wise teaches you how to do some basic karate and teach others how to as well. Estimated release date, Summer, 2016.

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Our "Little Big Shot"

Green's Karate teaches anyone that is "willing" to learn. On average, most children today are not practicing on a consistent and regular basis of most sorts. You can see it in many different facets and areas of life. It's not that the children don't like whatever they are doing, it is because they are naturally lazy these days! (Laziness is the "habit" of resting "before" you get tired!) It could be anything from playing an instrument, learning a craft such as art or a sport like baseball or even karate! However, "Our Little Big Shot" is practicing! This video has gathered over 50,000 views in 5 weeks and is currently our most popular video. "Our Little Big Shot" is 4 years old in this video and had only trained for 6 weeks. This goes to show that if you "put your heart" into something then amazing things can and will happen. Please copy and paste this link in your browser to view or go to our Youtube Channel (Corey Greens Karate) and subscribe for more upcoming exciting videos. Here you go:

Duck Dynasty!

Watch our interview with Willie's karate instructor Sensei Bob Allen from the World Famous Duck Dynasty award winning hit show here:

Karate In The Olympics! Tokyo 2020

The I.O.C. will decide in August 2016 if Karate will be included into the Olympic games. Karate is one of 5 sports chosen along with (Baseball/softball), surfing, skateboarding, and sport climbing. Of these sports, 1 to 2 sports will be selected. (Only full-time Traditional Karate school in Chattanooga!) Chattanooga is definitely a sports filled city with lots of talent! If Karate is an Olympic Sport, then the students of Green's Karate will directly benefit, the reason is because the gateway to the Olympics for karate will be through the USA-N.K.F. ( Sensei Green has officiated with the USA-N.K.F. since October of 1998 and is a National referee and has officiated nearly 100 karate tournaments! The USA-N.K.F. has been a member of the U.S. Olympic Committee since August 1996. Important: The students of Green's Karate have competed in the USA-N.K.F. Karate Nationals 8 times (2006-2010, 2012, 2013, and 2015). Students of Green's Karate have Champions from ages 5 to 57! They have won 15 gold medals and 31 medals overall from 31 students! They are the "only" martial arts school with this type of experience in Chattanooga and in the surrounding area with any USA-N.K.F. Karate National experience! Any child and/or young adult would greatly benefit to "GET STARTED NOW!" All ages welcome! Why not start training for the Olympics today and get ready in advance to fulfill your Olympic hopes and dreams? Join Us Today!

Tradition and Innovation

Green's Karate combines Traditional Japanese Karate with Sensei Green's own historical and innovative techniques to teach a diverse range of students, including those with special needs. Learn More.


Have any questions? Feel free to Email Us or call (423)432-5280.


Start Anytime! - We do not have a start/stop program. Here is a link to the upcoming documentary "Fighting Autism" featuring Green's Karate, the amazing students of Green's Karate and their parents and Sensei Green. Join our cause! Here you go: