R.E.A.D.Y. Women's Self Defense "Power Hour" (Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:00P.M.) and our R.E.A.D.Y. "Weekend Warrior" (Saturday's at 2:00P.M.) Classes start March 20th, 2017! $15.00 per class. $5.00 off for bringing a buddy! 10-15 minutes late walkin's welcome! Wear loose fitting clothing (no Jeans). Two bathrooms to change in. You can pay with card, check or cash. We will start another course from June 12th to July 15th. Go to our "class schedules" to see our "NEW Google Calendar" for upcoming tournaments,events. and activities!

Now available! Sensei Green's book

"Finding Karate"


Finding Karate book



Available everywhere e-books are sold.  Only $4.99.


Due to the increased interest at this time, we are now by appointment only! "Check out our price list" and our "price comparisons" on our "about us" page! ATTENTION: Our Beginner Class is almost completely full for all days! We will eventually have a waiting list for this class. Call and/or email NOW to reserve your space TODAY!

Green's Karate:

April Karate Special!

You receive 3 weeks of unlimited karate lessons, two 20 minute semi private (2 people) lessons and a uniform for only $100.00 ($200.00 value)! (2nd person $90.00 3rd person only...$80.00) Cannot be combined with "any" other offer including coupons. Offer good for beginner, adult or little dragons classes only. Offer expires 4/30/17. Call 423-432-5280 or email us at to reserve your space today.

March special additional discounts

Sensei Green has an upcoming reference manual titled "Karate Wise" and is written by Sensei Green. Karate Wise has over 1,000 pictures, more than 350 pages and over 50,000 words. Karate Wise teaches you how to do some basic karate and teach others how to as well. Estimated release date, June 1st, 2017.

Male or Female gear
Color of hand gear
Shoe Size?

Look for the latest news and upcoming events to be posted here!



"Help 4 people with autism compete Nationally and Internationally"

Help 4 people with Autism compete in the U.S. Karate Nationals and International Competitions

Copy and Paste this link here: Our Go Fund Me Video explains some of our recent challenges trying to help 3 children and 1 adult fulfill their karate dreams! Thank you so much for your support and consideration in helping those with autism reach their lofty goals!

Our You Tube Channel

At our channel, "Corey Green's Karate" you will find nearly 70 videos that are educational, entertaining, fun and funny! We have over 140,000 views on our channel with one gaining the most views titled "Our Little Big Shot!" This video is very helpful in showing the world the capabilities of 4 year olds. Don't let that age fool you into thinking we only teach young children. Be sure to watch "David Bradys (One of our many adults that consistently trains in karate) Quest for gold!" You will learn a lot by checking out our channel. While you are there, don't forget to subscribe!

Tradition and Innovation

Green's Karate combines Traditional Japanese Karate with Sensei Green's own historical and innovative techniques to teach a diverse range of students, including those with special needs. Learn More.


Do you have questions? Feel free to Email Us or call (423)432-5280.


Start Anytime! - We do not have a start/stop program. Here is a link to the upcoming documentary "Fighting Autism" featuring Green's Karate, the amazing students of Green's Karate and their parents and Sensei Green. Join our cause! Here you go: